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Beautiful Cocksucker

By Barbara Sheridan

What NYPD patrolman Ray Watts wants to do is finish his shift and take a much needed vacation If he has to first suffer through playing chauffeur to some pain in the ass foreign cop visiting New York on a special fact finding detail then so be it But...

Bird in Hand

By Christina Baker Kline

Alison and Charlie, Claire and Ben seem like two picture perfect couples Alison and Charlie have a beautiful family and a home in the suburbs, while Claire and Ben s marriage revolves around their careers and city based lives Despite their differ...

Uncle Andy's: A Faabbbulous Visit With Andy Warhol

By James Warhola

When James Warhola was a little boy, his father had a junk business that turned their yard into a wonderful play zone that his mother didn t fully appreciate But whenever James and his family drove to New York City to visit Uncle Andy, they got to se...